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Introduction to Company


Function and Capability of Integrated Logistics Center

Korea Superfreeze has promoted a project for manufacturing state-of-the-art freezers and refrigeration
warehouses while planning to building a cryogenic logistics complex with the following five objectives:

  1. 01. Build a state-of-the-art distribution and logistics complex that plays the role of a perfect
    cold chain hub from distribution to shipment.
  2. 02. Set up a cutting-edge and high-efficiency logistics complex with optimal geographical conditions
    that attracts clients from various industries with the best equipment and management facilities and
    shows the most economical, efficient and stable logistics performances.
  3. 03. Ensure the highest quality of cryogenic logistics complex that keeps food products fresh under long-term
    storage through rapid freezing and low temperature storage methods using cryogenic cold energy.
  4. 04. Manage the products in clean areas with high-tech sanitary facilities that meet HACCP standards and
    develop welfare facilities and educational programs on quality management for employees.
  5. 05. Reduce logistics costs with new renewable energy and streamline logistics management by introducing
    high-tech facilities.(fuel-cell generation)

Eugene SuperFreeze - Refrigerated Logistics Center + Refrigerated Warehouse + Fixed Warehouse