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Logistics Management Technology

Energy Fusion

Construction of large infrastructure for logistics startup

Develop a logistics structure to prepare for changing times and build large infrastructure for logistics startups

Overall solution = Energy fusion + Integrated operating system + Integrated management + Cooperative system

Energy fusion

Our self-sustaining technologies and operating capabilities range from energy supply to infrastructure for distribution of food products and any other product that requires refrigeration by fusing sunlight, LNG thermal energy and fuel cells with an energy storage system (ESS).

Integrated operating system

To maximize the convenience of shippers and customers, we have integrated our operations for freezers, refrigeration, fixed and room temperature storage facilities, processes, international logistics management and agency services into a multi-functional distribution and logistics complex.

Cooperative system

We are working on a one-stop logistics system to smoothly manage complicated tasks as individual operating divisions share information and cooperate with each other.

Integrated management

Our integrated control tower supervises all logistics operations and facility management.

New type of distribution and logistics center based on fusion and convergence energy technology

Innovation in logistics and energy

We have reduced energy supply costs by securing our own energy while ensuring a high quality of distributed products, thanks to our state-of-the-art energy technology that we believe will eventually develop into profitable energy sales.

Integrated system for heat source optimization utilizing LNG cold energy
  • LNG cold energy : Applying cold energy extracted during process of gasifying minus 162℃ LNG to refrigerated warehouse
  • Fuel cell Generaton : Generating eco-friendly heat energy by converting natural gas produced by LNG cold energy into hydrogen and passing it through electrodes
  • Photovoltaic (PV) energy : Producing, storing and using energy gained fromphotovoltaic energy facilities on roofs of buildings
  • Energy storage system (ESS) : Storing electricity gained from photovoltaic energy and fuel cell power
Integrated system for heat source optimization utilizing LNG cold energy

We have applied new technologies such as LNG reliquefaction, fuel cell power, photovoltaic energy and ESS to build a new type of distribution and logistics center at the Pyeongtaek Oseong Industrial Complex. The new center is equipped with cutting-edge, high-efficiency, multi-functional and cost-reducing facilities that operate five temperature ranges for cryogenic, freezer, refrigeration, fixed and room temperature storage. Based on these new technologies, we promote highly efficient logistics management, international trade, distribution and sales.

Complex backup facilities for various and complicated functions

What is complex logistics?

Performing logistics with more than one measure from beginning to end of the entire process
(combining the advantages of various logistics measures to reduce time and cost)

  • Complex business : Complex business operation combining logistics, distribution, trade, sale and manufacturing
  • Complex function : Complex operation of functions combining temperature management, processing, storage and cooperative systems
  • Complex logistics : Complex logistics operation combining domestic and international logistics with land, marine, air transportation
  • Complex structure : Logistics structure formed in five temperature ranges
    (cryogenic, freezer, refrigeration, fixed and room temperature)

Our logistics relay base or complex backup facilities concurrently perform various and complicated functions such as transshipment, delivery, storage, assembly, processing, container management, customs clearance, sale, exhibition, packing and designing of goods.

Setup of optimal logistics system through information sharing and cooperation

One-stop logistics system

Our one-stop logistics system features information sharing and cooperation among operating divisions to smoothly operate and manage complex affairs.

Integrated operating system : Information + Process + Joint affairs + KPI + Shipment, transportation & delivery + Resources

Integration of diversified content and affairs

Providing one-stop logistics service based on new type of integrated logistics infrastructure to attract customers and build long-term customer loyalty

Our integrated logistics infrastructure comprises five key functions: (1) handling of import and export agency services; (2) manufacturing and processing functions; (3) reduction of distribution costs; (4) use of various sales platforms; and (5) capacity to meet production targets. Moreover, our development of value-added services seeks to attract more clients and build long-term customer loyalty by providing one-stop logistics service.

Control system = Process + Organization + Operation + KPI
One-stop system (Information management + Storage management)
Cold chain system (Processing management + Product management)
Joint logistics system (Shipment management + Cargo management)
Shared logistics system (Bonded goods management + Transportation management)