Distribution and Logistics

  • Korea's first storage service with five temperature ranges

    We provide storage services in five temperature ranges.
    Cryogenic (-100℃ ~ -60℃): Blood for hospital and cord blood / fisheries
    Freezer (-25℃): Frozen agricultural, livestock and marine products
    Refrigeration (0℃): Fresh agricultural products
    Fixed temperature (15℃ ~ 25℃): Medical drugs, luxury clothing, documents and videos
    Room temperature (25℃or above)

  • Freight forwarding service (shipping, trucking & air)

    We provide an integrated business service from receiving cargo from a shipper to ensuring its delivery, transportation and customs clearance. Our full range of freight forwarding services cover customs clearance, warehouse management, packaging, transportation of special goods such as semiconductor equipment, LCD products and precision instruments, and provision of port-to-port and door-to-door services.

  • Food distribution, processing and logistics

    We deliver finished products on behalf of clients through a cold chain system based on recent consumption trends from pretreatment and processing of raw materials to packing, labeling and bar coding.

  • 4PL

    We support for general management of information systems, logistics consulting and 3PL services.

  • Cold chain (global logistics agency service)

    Our global logistics agency service provides the perfect cold chain solution by developing the core technological elements needed in most industrial fields such as food production, distribution, logistics, agro-livestock, pharmaceuticals and electronics.

  • Distribution agency service

    Providing agency services from purchasing to selling raw materials.

  • Distribution and processing

    Providing support for product distribution and processing.

  • Distribution and sale of food products

    Providing services for distribution and sale of food materials.

  • Import and supply of food materials

    Importing and supplying food materials.

  • Import and export services

    Providing import and export services.

  • Purchasing agency service

    Providing services for purchasing goods.

  • Toll processing

    Providing services for toll processing of products.

  • Development and supply of PB products

    Developing and supplying Eugene Superfreeze's products as private brand products.

  • Processing agency service

    Providing services for processing goods.

  • Pretreatment and processing of food products

    Pretreatment and processing of food products.